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Life is what you make it....

Updated: Jul 14, 2023

ADVENTURE may be one of my most favorite words. But adventure is different to everyone. My adventure means happiness, freedom, no stress, beauty, courage, goals, appreciation.... Life is all about options and making choices. The choices lead you in a direction, a path, a journey. Sometimes you make choices based off what you're feeling in the moment and not how you would like to see yourself in the future. Sometimes making your future goals a little bit longer and harder to achieve. I've had to go thru a lot of what I would have considered wrong choices in life to get me to where I am now but those choices made me who I am today, so are they really 'wrong'? I wouldn't change them for the world. For as long as I can remember I've had a dream of fulfilling my definition of adventure and when I saw an opportunity arise I took it. I was first blessed to have met my soulmate who shares the love of the same type of adventure I love. We traveled ALOT the first couple years we were together and loved every bit of it. This new full time adventure basically started one day with me saying I'm selling my house, I'm quitting my job, lets buy an rv and travel fulltime. This had been a discussion previously but nothing more than that. We were both on the same page and both ended up selling our houses became debt free and found ways to work on the road. We are almost a year in and it's had it's ups and downs (more ups of course) but it's everything and more of what we had hoped it to be. We encourage anyone who has the opportunity to try this lifestyle to definitely give it a chance if they have an opportunity. But don't let those wrong choices from your past get in the way. This was literally a huge decision but we have absolutely no regrets. Life is way too short not to take risks... I sure hope you will continue to follow us on our journey...on our adventures. We will share with you all the ups and downs and all of the things we've learned firsthand. But most of all we will share all the beautiful places we've been. Thank you for joining us.

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